Amari Rodgers: Introducing Myself

Written By: Amari Rodgers and Evan Miller
Published Monday, September 14, 2015

What's up people… My name is Amari Rodgers and I attend Knoxville Catholic High School in Knoxville, Tennessee. I am a 2017 wide receiver and I am currently Committed to the University of Southern California (USC)! I weigh 195 pounds at only 5 feet 9 inches tall , and I run a 4.39 forty (hand time).


I love to play my position because at wide receiver you have a chance to be out in space more, and you are able to play the way you want to play. With my speed I think it fits me perfectly because I can either run by people or I can act like I'm running by someone and just break down and stop and catch the ball without the defensive back even knowing what just happened. My favorite route to run is the slant or post route in 1 on 1 coverage, because there are so many different ways I can run it depending on how the defensive back is playing me. If the corner is backed off, you can stem the route which means to start the route by running straight at them so they don't know which way you are going, and look them straight in the eyes! Then you give the DB a hard step outside and just run by them! If the DB is pressing, then all you basically have to do is get an inside release and it's over with, just create separation!

Right now I currently have nine offers; USC, LSU, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Memphis, MTSU, Ohio and Duke. I feel very blessed to have these offers because many people do not have the opportunity to play D1 ball. For me to have a chance to play at any of these amazing schools is truly awesome, and I thank God for that every day.

There are two reasons why I have what I have, right now.

1: Hard Work

I have a slogan that is on my Twitter that says "OnAMission" and I tweet that every day because I am on a mission to get to the Next level! In order to achieve my goal I know that I have to work my butt off every day so that I will achieve it. So I make sure I do everything right in aspect of my life. That means I put one hundred percent into my school work, I don't drop any balls, I don't miss any balls, I don't miss any tackles, and be the best teammate I can be to my brothers. All of these things I work super hard on so that I will be great one day! 

2: My Lord and savior

God! God is the reason why I have EVERYTHING. He has blessed me in so many ways and I thank him for that everyday! Along with my “OnAMission” tweet that I tweet everyday it also says "blessed to see another day." I say that because I am thankful that I can live on this beautiful Earth, and God has given me another day and I will live to the fullest every moment of every day! 

I am currently committed to USC. I chose to commit to them because I feel that USC will be the best place for me to go to college, and going there will benefit me more and prepare me more for the next level. Also I chose USC because of the atmosphere. It is in downtown Los Angeles and it is sunny almost 24/7 there. USC also has one of the richest football histories in the nation (Heisman Trophy winners, National Championships, etc.) and that is the type of program I want to be a part of. Lastly a bonus is that my father, Tee Martin, coaches wide receivers there, and I feel that he is the best wide receiver coach in the country and will prepare me the right way. Being my dad just makes it better because I know him and he knows me, so he knows what I can and cannot do in certain situations. 

This is what I tweeted to announce my commitment

My favorite player is Odell Beckham Jr. Odell is my favorite player because he is so relentless, and catches everything that comes his way! He also reminds me of myself, because he isn't the fastest or the biggest but he runs great routes, and I see that in myself. I watch Odell Beckham highlights all the time. I try to every night before I go to sleep because I want to play my game as close to him as I can. He also wore number 3 (just like me) and that makes it even better! 

I hope to accomplish many things by playing football. One of them is to be one if the best wide outs in the game, ever. Another is to make it to where I can buy my parents a house. And finally I want to be able to have my number retired somewhere. That would be a blessing! 

Once again, my name is Amari Rodgers, and this is my diary. Peace! 

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