Lamont Wade: September 1st and Season Update

Written by Lamont Wade and Evan Miller
Published Monday, September 21, 2015

What’s up everyone? It’s me Lamont Wade with another diary entry. A lot has happened since I last wrote a diary. For starters the football season has begun. The Clairton Bears are back playing and back to dominating opponents, but more on that later. Recruiting has also kicked up into high gear for the class of 2017. September first was a really crazy day for me. At this point in the year I’m just so excited for the season and ecstatic that we are back to playing and winning.


September 1st is the first day college coaches can contact juniors, like myself, without any penalties. I had been waiting all summer for this day, the day to finally see which schools backed up their words with their actions. Which schools would be the first to contact me? Which coaches would not contact me like they said they would? On August 31, at 11:59 P.M. I can guarantee that almost all of the football players from the class of 2017 were up and waiting to see who would be the first school to make contact. The clock changed and it was September 1st. I can’t even remember which school contacted me first but I can say that a bunch of coaches DM’ed me on Twitter right at midnight. It was crazy and the messages kept coming all throughout the day. There is not really a school I was hoping to hear from the most, but I can say I was surprised when coaches from Alabama and Notre Dame messaged me. I wasn’t really expecting to hear from them so it was really great to talk to the coaches from those amazing programs. A huge aspect of recruiting is the edits, posters, and the artwork the coaches send out. I got so much amazing artwork but the school that just is on another level and killed it was Ohio State. Their coaches sent me the craziest stuff. You could tell whoever made it spent a lot of time and put a lot of effort into it. All things considered, September 1st was a great day and I found out which schools are the most committed to recruiting me.

Some of the Great Artwork from OSU
Some of the great artwork from OSU

The last couple of weeks have also been filled with unexpected and exciting news. I was not expecting it but I received offers from Michigan, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Arizona State. Those offers came from out of nowhere; I had always been interested in those schools, but who wouldn’t be? They are four of the top programs in the nation. One thing Michigan did to stand out was sending an unbelievable piece of artwork, not as great as the ones from Ohio State but amazing nonetheless. As great as those schools are, I really am hoping that Alabama, LSU, USC, and Notre Dame come around and offer soon. Those schools are on another tier and I would be honored to even receive an offer. Those schools produce the best pros and that’s ultimately what I want from playing in college. I want to be able to spend my years at college improving and getting better in order to be ready for the next level. I am planning on visiting Penn State, West Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland, Michigan and Pitt in the very near future. The atmospheres at those schools are crazy and that’s one thing I am l am definitely looking forward to.

Michigan Artwork is Crazy
Michigan artwork is Crazy!!

The Clairton Bears are on a mission to win state and show the state of Pennsylvania that we are the best team in the state. The season has started great. We are 3-0 and are playing great football. We scored 72 points in both of our first two games. To be honest, the consecutive 72-point games were actually a disappointment; we hoped to score more than that to open up the season. On our team we have four of the best, future D1 athletes in the state of Pennsylvania. We all play major roles on the team but the first two games have been a great team effort. I can only expect to see the scoring go up as the season goes on and as we grow as a team. I’ve started the season with 217 rushing yards and 4 touchdowns on the offensive side of the ball. On defense I’ve got one interception, a forced fumble, along with four tackles. The numbers are okay, but I expect more from myself. In the second game of the season I sprained my ankle, which limited me to only being able to play in one full quarter. It was not looking good last week; I thought I might have to sit our next game out. I ended up playing in the game. I am glad I played because it was one of the tougher games we are going to have. We only won by the score of 44-7. We are on our way to wining a state championship and we wont be satisfied until we do.

Touchdown Clairton!

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Ohio State is on another level with their artwork
Ohio State is on another level with their artwork

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