DeeJay Dallas: The State Championship

Written by Deejay Dallas and Evan Miller
Published Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hey everyone, Deejay Dallas here with a special diary entry. It is special because I will be taking this time to talk about this season and the build up to the State Championship Game, which is tomorrow, December 11, 2015. We began the season hungry for a region title, hoping to build off of last year’s success. Last year we went 9-4 and lost in the playoffs. Last year’s quarterfinal loss to Northside Warner Robins was painful because we had so much potential. This year, we wanted more, and I couldn’t deal with losing in the quarterfinals again. I NEEDED MORE.


Even though we went to the quarterfinals last year, nobody really gave us a chance to make it that far again. We went 8-2 during the regular season and were Co-Region Champs. Our team did incredible this season, we peaked at the right time, and we have been rolling ever since. The biggest change of the season was when I switched from receiver to quarterback. The transition was tough but I love playing quarterback. I have the ball in my hands every play, and if the opportunity presents itself for me to play quarterback at the next level, I would have to consider it. My favorite moment of the season was beating Ware County twice. We beat them once in the regular season and once in the playoffs. Beating your bitter rival is awesome, but to do it twice is something special. The season has been amazing and I wouldn’t go back to change anything.


This season I have heard so much trash talk about Glynn Academy, our team, and myself. We aren’t about all the trash talking; we just let our play speak for itself, and so far, I’d have to say we are doing a pretty good job. I enjoy seeing people hate on my teammates and me. It makes me play harder, and it makes me want to win even more. People still say we are playing above our level and that we have just gotten lucky and don’t deserve to be where we are. I hope they keep doubting us. Thank you for hating on us.


Every high school player, no matter the sport, wants to win a state championship, but first there are playoffs. I had looked forward to this moment all year. Once again, I had a chance to win a state championship after failing last year. To reach the State Championship, we had to play Jones County, Dalton, Stockbridge and Ware County. All the games were closely contested but we ultimately proved we were the better team and deserved to be fighting for the top spot in in our classification. Since we are one of the most southern schools in the state, we had to travel a lot to get to our games. It fueled our run because we wanted to play the semifinal game at home one more time (which we did). The best feeling I’ve ever had while playing football came against Ware in the semifinal. Beating your rival in the semifinal game is like nothing else I have ever done. We deserved to win the game and we only have one more challenge left.


The best players shine brightest in the biggest games on the biggest stage. Friday, December 11, 2015 the Glynn Academy will face Allatoona High School in the Georgia Dome. The winner will be the State Champion. I recognize that this game will probably the biggest game I have ever played in, but I am treating it like a regular game. I have to. All the preparation has to stay the same and I have to work just as hard as if it were a normal week. To win the game I think we will need to give a great effort and execute like I know my teammates and me can. If we play our game and prevent the other side to dictate the game, I think we have a chance of coming out on top. It has always been a dream of mine to play in the Dome, but hasn’t everybody dreamed about it? Who hasn’t dreamed of playing for the state title on the biggest stage in Georgia? My mindset going into the game is to do all that I can do to give my seniors and my team a game to be proud of. This has been an unforgettable year and I don’t want to let them down on the biggest stage. Am I ready for Friday night at 8:00? HELL YEAH!!!

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Till next time,
Deejay Dallas



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