Jashawn Sheffield: One Down, Three to Go

Written by Jashawn Sheffield and Evan Miller 
Published Saturday, January 9, 2016

What’s up everyone? Jashawn Sheffield here with my first of many RecruitDiaries. I am excited to be a part of this movement, and cannot wait to share my story about my recruitment. I am a freshman, and currently attend Frederica Academy in St. Simons, Georgia. I play running back, wide receiver, and defensive back, and I am set to graduate in the spring of 2019. Right now, I am six feet, two inches tall and weigh close to one hundred seventy five pounds. I love playing all different positions because I get to use my athleticism to the best of my ability. I love having the ball in my hands and trying to make plays every chance I get.


At the end of my season, I had two offers from both Tennessee and Georgia. On Sunday, January 10, I received an offer for West Virginia. As of right now, Tennessee is my leader, but it is still way too early to even think about committing. Tennessee has been in contact with me the most, and it really shows that they are truly interested in me and want me to come there. I am interested in UGA, but I haven’t talked to them since they offered me a scholarship because of all the coaching changes, but I am excited for the future of that program and really interested to see what Coach Kirby Smart will do with the team. Getting the offers from Georgia and Tennessee changed my life. I never really anticipated getting an offer, let alone getting them from two of the most decorated programs in the nation during my freshman year. My mom has always told me to work hard and let everything else fall into place and my Coach, Alex Mathis, always tells me that hard work in the classroom and on the field always pays off.


When I went on my visit to Tennessee, we went on a tour of the facilities and the school. I also went and saw the Vol Walk for the first time in person. It was one of the craziest things I have ever experienced. There were so many fans there and the atmosphere was just crazy. Both Coach Brandon Derrick, my head coach, and Coach Alex Mathis came on the visit with me. After the Vol Walk, we went into the recruiting room at Neyland Stadium and Coach Merci walked in and came straight to our table. Coach Gillespie also came in and stood around and talked with us and he asked me if I had any offers. I replied no, but then he told me that I would be getting my first one that day. I was so in shock and I didn’t know what to think. I called my mom and told her that I had received my first offer. It was unreal.

Me with Jalen Hurd at Tennessee
Me with Jalen Hurd at Tennessee

I went to Athens to visit Georgia for my second visit and it went a lot like the first visit to Tennessee. Again, Coach Mathis accompanied me, and Coach Ben Burkett was also on the visit. Unexpectedly, Coach Pruitt’s assistant texted Coach Mathis and asked where we were. My mom, some of my coaches, and myself ran up the sideline to the fifty yardline. We met Coach Richt there and he told me that he has never offered anybody in the middle of the G before, but he wanted to offer me a scholarship to play football there. It was much more special than my first offer because my mother was able to be there and witness it; it was her first time at a major college football game and a major college campus too.

My mother and I at UGA
My mother and I at UGA

I love to use my speed and agility to make people miss in the open field. There is nothing better than seeing an oncoming defender and knowing that you are going to put a move on them and get by them. My favorite player is Jalen Hurd because I like the way he runs the ball with both speed and power. We also wear the same number. Football is a team game and there is no one player that is bigger than the team. A great football player is someone who is coachable and someone who makes everyone else around him better. Playing varsity as a freshman was definitely a challenge and very different than middle school football. The players are much older than me and much more physically mature, so it made me play better. My favorite moment from this season was returning a game winning kickoff for a touchdown to win a game against Bulloch Academy. We finished this season 7-4, it was a big step for our program because we went 3-7 last year. We will be even better next year.

Me with Coach Richt after he offered me
Me with Coach Richt after he offered me

I was recently named a MaxPreps Freshman All-American and it was an amazing feeling knowing that I was one of the top freshmen in the nation. When Coach Mathis called me and told me about making the team, it was pretty humbling to know that I was one of three receivers in the entire nation to be honored. I got a tweet from Owen Pappoe, which was really cool since he is the number one player in my class.

I look forward to working with Evan and am grateful to be a part of the RecruitDiaries family. That is all I have for you at the moment. Make sure to check out all the rest of the player diaries and be sure to come back often.

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