Lamont Wade: The offseason is visiting season

Written by Lamont Wade and Evan Miller
Published Friday, February 26, 2016

What’s going on everyone? This is Lamont Wade, brining you my latest RecruitDiary. Honestly I have not written in awhile because not much has been going on, haha. I have been playing basketball for my school and that is taking up most of my time. When I am not playing basketball or doing schoolwork, I am playing football with my seven-on-seven team. It looks like we are going to have a really strong team filled with some of the best players in the Pittsburgh area. This diary is all about updating you with my plans for the upcoming month and also reflecting on the process of my recruitment.


I took a visit to THE Ohio State University at the very end of January, right before national signing day. Even though I have only been there five times, it honestly is so familiar to me and I really enjoy my time whenever I am in Columbus. When I am there, I always like to see the basketball court, which is probably my favorite thing on campus other than the football field. I got to go to a basketball game when I was there and it was awesome. I have a really solid relationship with Coach Meyer. He is a really cool person, and a hard-nosed coach that takes no nonsense from his players. He expects his players to meet the highest of standards on the field and in the classroom. I could see myself playing for the Buckeyes and playing in “The Shoe,” but I could also see myself playing at a number of different schools. I am open to pretty much any school that is recruiting me and do not have a timetable to commit. I do however have plans to narrow my list down to a top five or top ten. That will all happen when the time is right, as I am just enjoying the process right now.


National signing day was awesome. I got to see so many of my friends and my brothers sign and take their next step to playing college ball. I was especially proud of my teammate, and one of my best friends, Aaron Matthews. After committing to Penn State, he decided to switch his commitment to Pittsburgh and stay close to home. I was happy for him and his family that he was going to a school he wanted to go to and he was going to play the position he wanted to play (receiver). I knew everything that he was going to do, so I wasn’t surprised when he announced that he would be flipping. He kept me updated throughout his whole recruitment so I was always in the loop. Pitt is getting a great receiver, and the hardest working player I know in Aaron. I think Pitt has shown they are capable of getting some of the best players in the state to stay home and play for them. I can see this trend continuing and actually growing as the years go on. A lot of people think his commitment is going to have some kind of huge impact on my own recruitment, but I just want to say that while I am happy for him, his decision will have no impact on mine. I want to make the right decision for me and if that is to stay home and play at Pitt then so be it, but if I have to leave Pittsburgh to grow as not only a football player but also as a person, than I will do so. I have to do what is right for my family and me.

Aaron will always be my brother
Aaron will always be my brother

Unlike most recruits, I don’t really have an ongoing dialogue with coaches. I talk to a couple, but mostly just when I am on whatever campus I am visiting. Out of the all the coaches I have talked to, there are definitely some that stand out. Coach Al from Boston College is the most down to earth coach in the nation in my opinion. He always tells me how it is and never really says anything he can’t back up. Those are the best type of coaches to talk to; they genuinely care about the recruit and want them to be successful no matter what. The coolest coach is probably Coach Leonard from West Virginia. The funniest coach is lowkey Coach Urban Meyer. A lot of people will never see this side of him but he is super funny and always cracks jokes when I’m with him. The best recruiting pitch I have heard is very straight to the point, and really simple. An Ohio State coach told me, “We might honestly have like seven first rounders this year, what other school can say that?” I’ll be taking two more visits to close out the month. I’ll be visiting Penn State and Pitt on the 27th and the 28th respectively. I get excited for any visit and have yet to had one that I disliked


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