Isaiah Wilson

Written by Isaiah Wilson and Evan Miller
Published Sunday, October 24, 2015

What’s good everyone? This is Isaiah Wilson, a five-star offensive tackle from the class of 2017. This is my first Recruit Diary and I am happy to be a part of the RecruitDiaries family. I currently attend Poly Prep in Brooklyn, New York where I will graduate in 2017 and continue playing football at a major Division One football program.


I am six feet, seven inches tall, and weigh close to 325 pounds. I am currently ranked as one of the top offensive linemen in my class, but rankings do not mean a lot to me, I just like playing football. I love playing my position because of one thing: I get to hit people. I’m a mauler. I like to hit people, and I am good at it. I currently have over forty scholarship offers, and I am extremely grateful for each and every one of them. At the moment, I remain uncommitted, but let’s just say that if I had to commit right now, I know what school I would choose to attend. That being said, I don’t want to tell people yet. I have also committed to play in the 2017 Under Armour All American Game, which is a dream come true.

As I said I’m a mauler. I love to hit, and use both my size and strength to dominate my opponent. I would describe my style of play as tenacious and unforgiving. Playing offensive line is unlike any other position on the field. You must work as a unit with all the other linemen while also lining up one-on-one with a defensive lineman. The combination of working in a unit and also going up against a single defensive lineman makes playing offensive line the hardest thing to do in football. There is nothing better than looking across the line, face-to-face against someone, knowing that you can physically dominate them in every way possible. My favorite player is JJ Watt, because he dominates at the highest level so effortlessly. When you train as hard as he does, the game comes easy to you, and you are prepared to dominate everyone.

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A great football player is someone who is willing to sacrifice everything for the team. They understand that no individual can be bigger than the team. They are also willing to put in tons of hard work to get them to where they want it to be. I want to accomplish many things by playing football. First of all, I want to take care of my family. They are my biggest fans, and one day I am going to repay them for always believing in me. Second, I want to be remembered as one of the all time greats. I want to be seen as one of the best players to ever play football.

My favorite moment playing football was last year on senior night when I had a safety against Delbarton. It was a moment I will never forget. During my recruitment there have also been many unforgettable moments, and I’m sure many more are to come. My favorite moment of my recruitment so far was when I was talking to a coach from Alabama and he told me they were going to offer me a scholarship. It was such a shock, and I still can not believe the position I am in today. This season our team has had two tough losses but we have been playing well, and are a really talented team. We have a bunch of talent and have shown it. The best moment of the season was when we played Eastern Christian Academy, a major power in the Northeast, and we shocked everyone by beating them. We came in as underdogs and nobody gave us a chance to win, but we showed that we can play with anybody by winning that game.


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