Lamont Wade

Written by Lamont Wade and Evan Miller
Published Monday, August 10, 2015

My name is Lamont Wade and welcome to my recruit diary. I am the top cornerback in the class of 2017 and the number five player nationally. I am from Clairton, Pennsylvania and attend Clairton high school. At the moment I have received sixteen scholarship offers from some of the top football programs in the nation like Auburn, Ohio State, Penn State, and Virginia Tech. I am currently uncommitted and I am without a leader at the present time.


I am a five foot, ten inch 185 pound cornerback who loves to hit. For Clairton I also play running back on offense. When I play running back I love that I get the opportunity to score. My favorite part of playing football is being able to hit people and put up points for my team and why I love playing both Cornerback and running back. Only the best athletes are able to play both ways. Cornerback is maybe the hardest position to play in football. It is a one on one matchup and if the receiver beats me it’s nobody’s fault but mine. I like the idea of lining up across from someone and knowing that it is my job to stop him. I know I am one of the best and I have to trust my training and my physical gifts to stop the receiver. Playing running back is a whole different type of animal. Unlike playing cornerback, a running back must rely on all his teammates to be successful, especially his offensive line. If I had to describe my style of play it would be energetic and enthusiastic. I give everything I have on every play. I take no plays off because that’s what great players do. If you don’t give a hundred percent on every play, you don’t deserve to be playing.


My favorite player is Adrian Peterson. I admire his style of play. He never lets up and always gives his best. He has always had a great work ethic, which is why he is one of the best players in the league. Inspiration comes in many different forms and everybody is inspired by something different. For me it’s my grandfather. He passed away and that has always inspired me to play my heart out. What makes a great football player? A great football player is someone who can bring his whole team to the level of play he’s at and who leads, never follows. The toughest player I have ever lined up against is Sam Bruce, the 2016 University of Miami (FL) commit. He is a different breed of wide receiver, just an all out dog.


My favorite memory of playing football is winning a district championship with my school. Winning for your school and making everybody proud is unlike any other feeling in the world, its indescribable. My favorite moment of the recruiting process so far would be getting my first offer in May of 2014. I hope to accomplish a number of great things by playing football but most of all I want to leave a great legacy; for everybody to not just know but also remember my name.

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